More Bibs! Tap Shoes & Star

Here are more bibs I made for one of the dancers my husband works with. So naturally, I made a bib with tap shoes:

And a star:

For the star bib, I made my own bias binding out of the same fabric as the star. For these I used two separate piece of bias binding so I could leave the pieces on the neck part of the bib long so they could be used as ties. I think I prefer that to the snaps. For all of these bibs I used cloth diaper. I had read somewhere (again it was a while ago, and don't remember where it was) a tutorial suggesting them as a material to make burp cloths since they're so absorbent. I figured the same principle could apply to bibs, when they're being used to absorb baby-drool.

Updated (11/16): Found the link to the post with the cloth diaper/burp cloth idea. It's from the same blog as the original bib pattern. That's funny since it's not one of the sites I check out regularly. Clearly, I'll have to visit there more often.

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