Apple Pie - Part 2

I made my Apple Pie on Sunday. It was delicious. I used the recipe from my New Best Recipe cookbook (brought you by the good people at Cooks Illustrated).

I used Granny Smith and McIntosh apples:

I bought this pre-made pie crust at Whole Foods. Pie crust isn't my favorite. I find it usually just gets soggy pretty quickly and so it's not really worth the effort to make it from scratch. It's tres fancy made with Certified Organic King Arthur flour and Vermont's Cabot Creamery Grade AA butter. Yummy. It smelled very good:

I zested my fancy Meyer Lemon with my fancy new micro-plane grater and then juiced it:

Added the sliced up apples along with some white sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice

I filled one of the pie shell with the apple and flipped the other pie shell out of its tin to use as the top crust. Then I sprinkled with a little bit more sugar:

Here's the empty pie tin. Isn't it cute?:

I baked it for a while, here it is out of the oven. Mmmmm:

Finally, here's a slice, this image will now live in the banner up top:

Like I said, delicious. The pie crust was pretty tasty (till it, like all pie crusts got soggy after the first day). And my apartment smelled like Apple Pie for a couple days, which always good.


Quote of Today

Why not quote of the day? Well, because 'quote of the day' sort implies there will be a new quote everyday, and there won't be. So, here it is:

"I intend this breast satirically"

Coupling is the awesomest show ever.


Apple Pie - Part 1

Ugh, of course on my one day off I'm nearly knocked out by a migraine. Bummer. I felt well enough in the morning to get to the store a pick up some apples for the pie and some plums (in lots of colors). Now, I'm finally feeling well enough to actually bake the pie. It's in the oven now. Though since it won't be cooked till about 11:30, I'll be saving it for breakfast. More about the pie tomorrow.



Welcome to Apple Pie Plums. I figure the content here will develop organically; I haven't set out with a particular theme in mind.

The first order of business here will be to procure an image for the page header. For that I will need to bake and photograph an apple pie. Since I finally have a day off work tomorrow, perhaps that will be my project. I will also need to find some plums. That might be hard since they're probably out of season. I guess I will soon find out!