Under the Sea II

A name so nice, I used it twice. I had a lot of leftover Mendocino after making the first Under the Sea quilt, my sister-in-law Emmalyn is a mermaid fan, so I decided to make a quilt out of it for her for Christmas. I got it to her on the 23rd of January, so less than a month late! The finished quilt is about twin-sized. Each block is about 18 inches square, and the sashing 3 inches wide.

The blocks are mostly Mendocino, with a bit of Neptune mixed in. Of course, in my original purchase I had only had 11 mermaid prints, I didn't have the aqua one, so I had to order it. And I could only get it in a pack of 10 squares. So, I used a lot of them on the back, along with some Midwest Modern 2.

Of course, Rocky was helpful as always


Christine said...

There is some magical magnetic force that attracts cats to quilts. Especially when you are trying to lay it out flat! hehehe! I love your quilt!!! :) Christine

jaybird said...

great quilt! & a month late isn't bad at all!!

Jackie said...

This looks fantastic!